A Real Classless Act – Feest, Hansen, & Otwaska

What a bunch of Morons? Multiple speakers at the meeting tonight asking the Village Board to act responsibility and what happens. The Idiot#1 (Feest) makes a motion to censure the Village President and Idiot #2 (Hansen) seconds the motion. Then Idiot #3 (Otwaska) votes with them.

Then when the Idiot #2 is asked if he wants to talk about the motion he refers it to Idiot #1, who never knows when to just shut up. When did he become an expert on Roberts Rules of Order. He rambles on like he knows what he talking about then makes some stupid comment that he doesn’t like not knowing what’s he’s doing when he doesn’t know! Huh? Really? Every time he opens his trap he shows he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

So Kelly G the Community Organizer lined the Dummies up tonight to speak, but the Village President took the wind out of their sails big time. She even had her husband Dimwit (Dimler) saying some BS about the Village President fantasying about his wife the community activist? What a weird thing to say?

Kelly lost again tonight! She came to the meeting to try to get the Village President to resign and that wasn’t going to happen. Because there is not a full 7 person Board they get off with passing a motion to censure the President, which means absolutely nothing.

The only thing they accomplished was making themselves look like the “Fools They Are” and probably assuring themselves that they get thrown of the Board on their cans come April.

One Board member did get a good shot in about the Community Organizer and her Facebook page A Better Mount Pleasant and how it was just hurting the Village. He also gave a shout out to Idiot #2 for taking pictures of him at breakfast.

Let’s Make a Better Mt. Pleasant!

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