“Activist That Cried Wolf”

Kelly G has contacted all sorts of law enforcement agencies to complain about this web site. HaHa! They didn’t all tell her to go to Activist Heaven (Hell) but they just as well have. No laws are being broken. This web site isn’t doing anything that Kelly herself isn’t doing on her Facebook page.

Kelly must never have heard of the First Amendment? Imagine that a Community Activist that has never heard of the First Amendment! Well actually we are sure she has heard of the 1st Amendment, but like most Liberal Dingbats the 1st Amendment never applies to them since they believe it only pertains to anyone that doesn’t agree with their Nutty Ideas and/or Beliefs!

Guess What Kelly! You have positioned yourself as a Public Figure based on your rants on your Facebook page and at your attendance at public meetings. See the definition below as it fits you perfectly!

Legal Definition of limited purpose public figure: A person who voluntarily and prominently participates in a public controversy for the purpose of influencing its outcome and who is thus required as a public figure to prove actual malice in a defamation suit — called also limited public figure.

So when you criticize others on your Facebook page it’s okay, but when someone criticizes you it requires an investigation by the Police Department, the Sheriff’s Department, the District Attorney, the FBI and who ever else you can get to answer a phone call from you. Right???

Guess what more information may be made public about what you are up to!

Maybe you should call Hillary? Maybe she can help you?

We hope to see you at the fund raiser for the Governor’s race!

5 thoughts on ““Activist That Cried Wolf””

  1. It is both ironic and hypocritical that Kelly the Root River Siren, who attacked and disparaged not just elected officials, but activists, campaign volunteers, independent election observers, now claims that she is some kind of innocent victim.

  2. OMG please read the 3rd paragraph of her “post” The name of the website is “Let’s Make A Better Mt Pleasant” an obvious rip-off of the popular Facebook page “ABettter Mt Pleasant” which has followed the ups and downs of Mt Pleasant politics for the last few years – to which I am a frequent contributor!!! Priceless – she is the creator and writes like she’s not!! Are you kidding me???? Who are you fooling???? Do you really think people are that stupid? Do you really think the FBI investigates???!!!! Are you serious??? You should be removed from the community coalition – the word is out!!!

  3. Kelly did you actually waste taxpayers money on your BS claim? Making the sheriffs department investigate? Was this accomplished with the help of your best friend Hansen? Mr Conflict of interest and Ethics violator! You are a public figure – how come you didn’t sign your name to your completely VIAL Root River Siren Blog??? How come you are so humiliated here yet you violated, humiliated, offfended, harrassed many many people on there- but it was okay right??? According to you it was! It makes you a hypocrite and accountable for what you post!

  4. Excellent point! Kelly, you by your own admission have declared yourself as an activist for more than a decade, secondly you state you accept the consequences. Your untruthful postings subject you to criticism. You are not the only person who can do research! You are not the only person who listens to the board meetings. You choose to post false facts – admit it. For every post you make stating Kelly facts, those facts can be countered with actual facts. How is it you are now a wilting flower- contacting every agency in Wisconsin now that V for Vendeta has risen and has pushed back against you! How come you are the creator of A Better MT Pleasant and then post as yourself in response to yourself – talk about mental illness. It is also very clear you post as others!!! Then let’s talk about all of your followers who also have opened themselves up as public figures!!! Loken, Schulz,Lehman,Martini-don’t get me started on Martini! Feest,Hansen,Otwaska are all public figures and can be criticized. You are not a victim – you are not being intimidated- you are not being humiliated – you are being held to the truth!!! You lack telling the truth! How is it you post that no other municipality in the area or in the state- the state!!! have meetings during the day!!! That is a lie!!! People can research this and it’s easy!!! – guess what I found??? It was a lie!!! Shocking!! Didn’t you also get the Loser of the day award??? Hum did you go after C. Sykes???

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