Additional Dots to Connect?

So what are some other dots that should be considered with the three Village Board members that are satisfied with a stalemate Board.

So let’s start with John Hansen. He grew up in the same neighborhood (near Humble Park in the City of Racine) as Gerry Garski and they are best friends according to sources.

Talk about conflict of interests let’s talk about Trustee John Hansen again.

  • Friends with Garski and voted with Garski, Feest and Otwaska on all issues whether good or bad the past year.
  • Served in the Racine County Jail as a Security Guard and may possibly work part time for a law enforcement private security firm owned by a high ranking law enforcement official. Kept making like he was concerned about Mt. Pleasant Police Dept officers working off duty providing private security services. Maybe his concern was related to his possible work for the private security firm that competes with the security services provided by off duty Mt. Pleasant Police Officers.
  • His brother is the City of Racine Fire Chief
  • The big one of course is that he and many of his friends live on Hwy V and that is apparently a big conflict of interest problem.

Together Let’s Make A Better Mt. Pleasant

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