Another Connection – Special Assessments

So the old Board majority (Garski, Feest, Hansen and Otwaska) decided to not use the Special Assessment for property owners on Hwy V for the Sewer and Water Projects. The special assessments would only had been activated once the property owners connected to the sewer and water.

Instead the Board Majority allowed all the special interests on Hwy V (Including Jon Hansen, John Martini, Gales Ives, Dale Steger and many others) to take over the Board meetings.The Board majority then voted to not use special assessments to pay for the projects and to appoint a special committee along with a high priced attorney from Milwaukee to look at assessments .

So instead of using the Special Assessments the Board Majority delayed any outcome as to how the project is going to be paid for. The reality is there are only two ways to pay for these projects either special assessments or through the property tax, which means everyone in the Village pays for the projects that benefit a small group of property owners.

Then to make matters worst the Village was in the process of completing a water main extension onĀ  Cynthia Lane. When the property owners from Cynthia Lane showed up at a Board meeting complaining about special assessments for the project the Board Majority decided to not place Special Assessments on the property owners for the Cynthia Lane project either. This was a project the homeowners on Cynthia Lane requested and they understood they would receive a special assessment for the project.

Guess who paid for it? All the other taxpayers in Mt. Pleasant!

They (Garski, Feest, Hansen and Otwaska) certainly don’t have the best interest of the citizens of Mt. Pleasant in mind with that type of decision.

Together Let’s Make A Better Mt. Pleasant

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