Ashley Noble is Really KG

See how often Ashley Noble comments on KG’s Facebook page? Pay Attention!

Am I the only one that thinks Ashley Noble is Really KG.

KG likes to use other people identities! Kinda Strange?

Must a Community Organizer Thing? Maybe they teach that in Activist Class!

Let’s Make a Better Mt. Pleasant!

Vote the Hwy V Supporters Out of Office and Don’t Vote Anymore into Office!

2 thoughts on “Ashley Noble is Really KG”

  1. All she does is make a Fool of herself when she whines about this site being a Hate Site!

    What is her Facebook Page then? All she does is slam some Village Board members and anyone that doesn’t agree with her weird ideas.

    Even Rees Roberts sees how out of control she is.

    How can someone go through Life with such Anger and Hate? You have to feel sorry for her.

  2. Did anyone tell her she made herself a public figure? Your an activist – you are not just attending a quilting class- you post hostile things against many fine people – If you are going to run a FB page calling attention to yourself and your fake self created people – your going to get called out plain and simple

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