Big Looser Kelly – Get A Life

So Kelly G. spends her life making Life Miserable for everyone Else!

Read her Facebook Rants and you will soon realize that she is a Nut Job!  She hates Ryan, Vos, Walker, Trump, Wanggaard, Delagrave, DeGroot and everyone around them.

It Must Be Tough To Go Through Life Being So Miserable. It may be easier when you surround yourself with Losers just like yourself (Kelly).

Now she is sounding the Alarm for the Village President to Resign! Sound Familiar? Just Like the Wacko Maxine Waters!

Here is another of her foul mouth rants from the Root River Siren!

Kelly – Real Lady? Not!

What Does John See In You?

October 6, 2014

Yeah, it’s like that.

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2 thoughts on “Big Looser Kelly – Get A Life”

  1. Hypocrisy at its finest- Kelly said FU in a meeting and has repeatedly posted swearing on her blog – Root River Siren – when you show the world your pattern of behavior please don’t insult your neighbors by telling them you don’t use those words and you would never do such a thing- please just stop lying. Please stop giving Hansen and Feest bad advice. Please just look at your actions, how dare you associate yourself with religious groups and ask for unity when you are all about distroying a Village and those who live here – where I might add you live. I would be embarrrsed if I were you – have you ever thought about going out to help people? Or are you just about vengeance

  2. Kelly you complain about the Project Manager that was hired. Well Guess what the vote was 4-2 in Favor of hiring the Project Manager!

    You must not have told Kenny how to Vote That Night?

    You Must have only told Feest and Hansen how to Vote that Night!

    Too Bad!

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