Big Looser Kelly – Get A Life

So Kelly G. spends her life making Life Miserable for everyone Else!

Read her Facebook Rants and you will soon realize that she is a Nut Job!  She hates Ryan, Vos, Walker, Trump, Wanggaard, Delagrave, DeGroot and everyone around them.

It Must Be Tough To Go Through Life Being So Miserable. It may be easier when you surround yourself with Losers just like yourself (Kelly).

Now she is sounding the Alarm for the Village President to Resign! Sound Familiar? Just Like the Wacko Maxine Waters!

Here is another of her foul mouth rants from the Root River Siren!

Kelly – Real Lady? Not!

What Does John See In You?

October 6, 2014

Yeah, it’s like that.

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