Community Organizer Continues to Disrupt the Village

The Community Organizer never stops trying to disrupt any positive actions by the Village of Mt. Pleasant.

How many open record requests has seen submitted? The answer is too many!

How many ethics violation complaints has she submitted that have gone no where? The answer is too many! If there were legitimate complaints then action would have been taken by the agencies she has filed the complaints with.

The entire scheme probably reminds you of the “Russians Did It” that is going on at the Federal level. It is the same tactic. Just keep throwing mud at the wall and see what sticks?

What is the connection with the Community Organizer and the Campbell Woods development?

Why are Feest, Hansen and Otwaska opposed to any nomination proposed by the Village President to fill the open Board Trustee position?

Are they opposed to filling the vacant position because then maybe the Campbell Woods zoning would be overturned by a new Board?

Please attend the next Village Board meeting on Monday June 12th and encourage the Board to support the nomination by the Village Board President to fill the vacant Board position.

Together Let’s Make A Better Mt. Pleasant


1 thought on “Community Organizer Continues to Disrupt the Village”

  1. Kelly the community organizer is miffed the Journal Times won’t publish her trashy fake news. Even the Racine County Eye knows their reputation is at stake and shy away from publishing her. So she is left with her own ludicrous FB pages. It’s what happens when you have no credibility for crying “Wolf” too many times to count. The joke is on her!

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