Community Organizer May Be Going Off The Deep End?

Well, it seems like the Community Organizer is about ready to go off the deep end!

Only a Moron would believe its a good idea for the Village to only have six Board Members.

What a blessing to have a citizen step forward and be willing to serve on the Village Board and what happens? Kenny Otwaska meets with the individual more than once and states in public what an asset to the Board the nominee would be and then states he can’t support him for the position.

Why? Because the other two Board members (Hwy V Supporters) and Kelly G don’t support a 7th Board member and Kenny only does what he’s told by those three dimwits.

Kenny who do you represent? The three dimwits or the residents of the Village?

Can’t wait for April when these three get thrown out of office!

The residents can see what is going on they are a lot smarter then the three that will be up for reelection next April.

Let’s Make A Better Mt. Pleasant!


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