Community Organizer May Be Going Off The Deep End?

Well, it seems like the Community Organizer is about ready to go off the deep end!

Only a Moron would believe its a good idea for the Village to only have six Board Members.

What a blessing to have a citizen step forward and be willing to serve on the Village Board and what happens? Kenny Otwaska meets with the individual more than once and states in public what an asset to the Board the nominee would be and then states he can’t support him for the position.

Why? Because the other two Board members (Hwy V Supporters) and Kelly G don’t support a 7th Board member and Kenny only does what he’s told by those three dimwits.

Kenny who do you represent? The three dimwits or the residents of the Village?

Can’t wait for April when these three get thrown out of office!

The residents can see what is going on they are a lot smarter then the three that will be up for reelection next April.

Let’s Make A Better Mt. Pleasant!


3 thoughts on “Community Organizer May Be Going Off The Deep End?”

  1. Did you see her latest post? She apparently can’t read, the Director position is not in closed session and pimp’n Kelly say it is – she might want to have Hansen read it to her – he is full of research – hey Kelly, did Hansen hear about the Ford Explorer car problems other Police Departments have encountered?? Aren’t those the exact vehicles he had a melt down over?? Saying we need to buy only Explorers!!!! Psycho loser with anger management problems – Hey Kelly you should research that loose cannon – why doesn’t he have a full time job????

  2. It is hilarious when Don Schultz shows up and Board meetings to share his wisdom during the Public Comments. Some real words of wisdom coming out of that guy. He must get his talking points from the Community Organizer. What a Dope?

  3. Hey Kelly it seems as though you post as if you have regular meetings with the 3 Village idiots and you post under Don S name – how deceitful of you. Stop using the very place where you live as your own personal wrecking ball – you need to get a life. State Stat says 7 board members, Village code says 7 board members – for all the fake Bull Sh…. you post on the other Trustees – shocking how you aren’t calling out your 3 puppets – pimp’n Kelly calls the shots – show up every 2nd and 4th Monday to see her evil highness at work

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