Connection – Campbell Woods?

Prior to the April election the past Board was usually a 4 to 3 vote in favor of doing what was usually not in the Best Interests of the Citizens of the Village of Mt. Pleasant.

Let’s review one major bad decision that the (Majority) Garski, Feest, Hansen and Otwaska accomplished regarding Campbell Woods. Joe Campbell filed a claim with the Village for a Right of Recovery for water improvements when his subdivision was developed, but the Village Attorney recommended to the Board to deny the claim.  The claim has a potential to be a $500,000 plus award.

The recommendation by the Village Attorney didn’t mean anything to the four Board members in the majority and they voted in favor of opening the whole can of worms up again. No concern about doing what was in the best interests of the citizens of Mt. Pleasant.

Please attend the Village Board meeting next Monday June 12th at 6:30 pm.

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  1. Point of order- Feest made a secret deal with Campbell because Campbell was a major contributor to his campaign. During a Finance meeting, Joe Campbell admitted he was owed a favor because of his donations to Feest. Corrupt – hey Kelly look into that corruption. Nah that’s right you will look the other way because those are your people. Feest wanted to open the checkbook for $500,000 and you didn’t even bat an eye or make a post on that little nugget.

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