Does the Doctor Prescribe his Own Meds?

Did you read the unreadable letter to the Editor in the JT today by the Doctor?

“Firstly, he purposed to lambaste a villager. Secondly, he didn’t formally apologize to the four he insulted.”

Huh? What did he say?

“Havn complained of a photo of himself with the “deep state” of Mount Pleasant stating “others were out of order” that night.”

“That Makes Absolutely No Sense” Hey Doc, the letter to the Editor isn’t like KG’s Facebook rants!

Two trustees cannot even judge a blatant act of disrespect? These three displayed a lack of wisdom in a large issue.

So Doc is it Two Trustees or Three? I must be as confused as you are!

Maybe lay off the Meds or let Kelly G write your letters?

No wonder the wise residents of the Village didn’t elect you to a Board position!

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