Even Hansen Couldn’t Handle Feest Ramblings!

Too Bad that Hansen is leaving the Board and has decided not to run for reelection.

I am sure he will be missed!

The rumor is he couldn’t handle listening to Trustee Feest talk anymore! Can’t Blame Him!

Rambles on and on and on! Feest sure doesn’t have a problem taking credit when it’s not earned!

Let’s Make a Better Mt. Pleasant!

1 thought on “Even Hansen Couldn’t Handle Feest Ramblings!”

  1. Who can stand Feests ramblings? It’s like nails on a chalk board!!! What is crystal clear is he will not make a decision on what is best for the Village because then he is accountable, so instead he hides behind incoherent ramblings which makes him look like a bumbling idiot! He must be removed!!!!! In his own words- we need fresh faces on the board – he for one is not fresh and is part of the Village underground who is BFFs with Kelly “ I am trying to destroy the Village” Gallaher.

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