Fantasizing About Kelly G

So if you are in the mood to Fantasize about Kelly G here are some ideas:

1. Fantasize that Kelly G is really a nice Person! HaHa! Not Easy!
2. Fantasize that Kelly G. and Governor Walker were Best Friends!
3. Fantasize that Kelly G. put all her negative efforts into positive efforts for the community!
4. Fantasize that Kelly G. didn’t tell Feest, Hansen, and Otwaska what to say and how to Vote at every Village Board meeting!
5. Fantasize that Kelly G. was a Conservative that had voted for President Trump! HaHa! Even Harder to imagine!
6.Fantasize that Kelly G attended church and confessed her sins for all her swearing and foul mouth on the Root River Siren and at Board meetings!
7.Fantasize that since Kelly G. dislikes the Village of Mt. Pleasant so much she moved away to Liberal LaLa Land!
8.Fantasize that when Kelly G. moved away she took a couple of Nut Cases with her like Hansen and Feest! Kenny just doesn’t know any better!
9.Fantasize that Kelly G. gets caught doing things she shouldn’t be doing!
10.Fantasize that when Kelly G gets caught doing things that John gets caught also!

Enjoy Fantasizing!

1 thought on “Fantasizing About Kelly G”

  1. Can Fantasy Kelly really tell the truth? The answer is no. Can Kelly’s chump followers see through her mountain of crap??? Can Kelly swear? You bet she CAN!! And Can she does. She swears like a sailor and her blog Root River Siren is proof. She grew up protesting and fantasizing about lying, she enjoys it so much she just can’t stop. Cuckoo Hansen gravitates towards her because he is just as crooked as she is!

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