FoxConn Minus a Village Idiot

So at the big event at GTC IMET Center last week where the announcement that Foxconn was locating in Mt. Pleasant the big question that many people were asking was where was the Village Idiot?

Of course many of you may ask which Village Idiot? So remember Hansen and Otwaska attended the event, so who was not present from the Village Board?

The answer is the Idiot Feest! Where was he? Let’s talk about the possibilities?

10. He was looking for more information since he never has enough
9. He forgot about the event!
8. He doesn’t attend meetings any longer that are before 6 pm!
7. He was home practicing his next speech for a Board meeting!
6. He needed more information as to the location of the IMET Center?
5. Rees Roberts wasn’t invited so Feest boycotted the event.
4. Kelly G wasn’t invited so Feest boycotted the event.
3. He was over at Kelly G’s house since he knew Hansen was at the event!
2. He was working since he works for a living! Like the rest of the world doesn’t?
1. He’s just an Idiot and boycotted the event!

Not sure about you, but I have enough information and I’m going with reason #1 as it fits the scenario and him real well.

Let’s Make A Better Mt. Pleasant!

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