How the Activist Ruined A Village It’s Not Pleasant

It looks like KG is continuing to work on making the Village look bad, but it’s her and her Pals that are doing it. Now it looks like she’s on a Mission Attacking Foxconn!

Well, KG do you want to know who is behind this Blog?

Maybe Ron Meyer and R Roberts supply the information just like they have in the past for you with your previous internet sites, blogs, and Facebook accounts used to attack people including the President, the District Congressman, Governor, the County Executive, State Representatives, and local government officials.

Oh, I forgot the First Amendment only applies to Liberals!

You know how to reach me if you want to discuss this further!

Not your Friend!

Cindy Sherman

This Blog is Not Affiliated with the Village of Mt. Pleasant Government or Staff

1 thought on “How the Activist Ruined A Village It’s Not Pleasant”

  1. It’s a terrible thing when the mind fractures into multiple personalities. Cindy is now ratting out her queen bee master personality? Everyone duck! That grey matter falling from the sky is from a head exploding. This can’t end well. Cindy knows too much!

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