Hwy V or Lake Park Decisions

Since being elected Ken Otwaska has had to make some tough decisions. Vote in favor of the Hwy V project being funded by just the residents of Hwy V or all of the Village Residents including those living in Lake Park.

Guess which Group Ken Otwaska supported? Not the Lake Park residents! No, he has been hanging real close to the Hwy V residents including Trustee Hansen.

It seems like Ken would rather see the residents of Lake Park and the remainder of the Village pay for the sewer and water on Hwy V than just the residents of Hwy V that will see increased property values.

I am sure the Village residents will remember what Ken did to stick it to them when election time rolls around in April 2018!

He stood up for the Hwy V Crowd!

Let’s Make A Better Mt. Pleasant!

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