Is Kelly G Having a Bad Night?

So it seems that since the DA and the State Ethics Board did absolutely nothing with the complaints filed by Garski (Kelly G). Now Kelly is threatening to file a complaint with the Federal Government!

I am sure the Federal Government will send in their best investigators and prosecutors once Kelly files her complaint. Maybe if she says the Russians released the investigation about Garski’s code violations they will come immediately. The fact is that Garski gave a copy of the report to Kelly G the day it was released and Kelly wants to blame the Village Clerk.

So what does Kelly do after the Village Board meeting tonight? She does what anyone acting like a child would do. Does she run off to release some steam?

Yes, she goes to Jose’s and sits at the bar by herself and goes to her FaceBook page and posts things about Sonny Havn. No friends just Kelly steaming all by herself!

It’s obvious she is obsessed with the Village of Mt. Pleasant politics and not in a positive manner.

Is Kelly going to have a nervous breakdown? Who knows? Did Kelly drink Tequila and eat Tacos? Or did she just spend her time acting like a spoiled child/community activist?

Does anyone think Kelly should seek professional help?

Let’s Make A Better Mt. Pleasant!


3 thoughts on “Is Kelly G Having a Bad Night?”

  1. I agree that Kelly G is a Liberal Dingbat and just wants to cause trouble,

    I also agree that Ken Otwaska has done nothing for the residents of Lake Park. All he cares about is the residents of Hwy V and doing what Feest, Hansen, and Kelly G tell him to do including voting.

  2. I may be a Liberal Dingbat, but so what. I like being a Community Organizer and creating problems.

    Who cares what I do after a board meeting and what I eat?

    Can’t you think of anything better to write about than me.

    Sonny Loves Pancakes!

  3. So her hobby seems to be trashing local politicos. Such a small person, who can’t get over the fact Garski and the other knuckleheads running with him all lost! Her hand-picked candidates. Guess residents weren’t moved by all that litter in their yards. She needs a fresh hobby like creating artsy pieces nobody wants to buy. Oh, never mind!

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