JT Editorial 8-30-17 – Common Sense Wins in Mount Pleasant – Kelly G. Looses Again

HaHa! Kelly G. is not having a Good Week!

Maybe John can help her?

From JT Editorial:

With last week’s commonsense vote, Ron’s Custom Cabinets will continue to operate as it has for nearly a half-century. The village might want to consider ordering something with a pigeonhole for petty and vindictive complaints. It could probably get a good price.

Racine Democrat Kelly “Root River Siren” Gallaher has apparently moved on from her hate blog to destroying people’s livelihood.

Root River Kelly hears the siren song of hypocrisy whenever her jaws unhinge.

Kelly’s siren song is the opposite of truth.

Is Kelly a Looser?

Let’s Make a Better Mount Pleasant!


4 thoughts on “JT Editorial 8-30-17 – Common Sense Wins in Mount Pleasant – Kelly G. Looses Again”

  1. So does anyone believe the Racine Intefaith Council wants someone with Kelly G’s low level morals on their Board of Directors?

    Send an email to the RIC to get her removed from the Board of Directors:

    Let them know what a low life she is and how she has a habit of dropping the “F Bombs” wherever she goes. All they have to do is go look at the history of her BS Rants on the “Root River Siren”

    Why would an organization with their community goals want someone like her on the Board of Directors? She should resign from the RIC Board of Directors immediately.

  2. Let me get this straight, Kelly is a public figure and she is out promoting all types of causes. In fact, she is on the board of the Racine Interfaith Coalition- here is their mission:
    The Beloved Community:

    All people share in the wealth of the earth

    People see each other as sisters and brothers

    Disputes are resolved peacefully in which adversaries are reconciled

    People are willing to sacrifice for the good of others

    A just society: human rights are upheld; people live in respectful relationships with each other and the earth

    A compassionate society: a community of people acting with and for those who suffer

    It appears that she does not follow this mission- look at her Facebook page, look at Root River Siren, look at JT comments most of which she writes along with the so compassionate Dr Martini- he is a regular- such contempt and utter slander is what he writes- not very bright for a Dr.
    I think RIC should remove her

  3. Hey Kelly Looser? Did you tell Channel 58 about your days as a Foul Mouth Wacko on the Root River Siren? When they read some of those foul mouth postings I bet you never get an interview with them again. They may even be embarrassed that they covered your liberal trash mouth BS?
    I hope John makes you feel better after so much loosing this week!

  4. Your assumptions are correct- she is a loser. If she thinks her Root River Siren days are behind her she is wrong. The countless fowl- mouthed words she uses just confirms what was heard by many in the audience FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU. She lied saying she didn’t say it- hey kelly followers did she offer you koolaid yet? Brainwashed saps. She is calling for pitch forks and explosives at the next meeting – I wonder if she knows that public comment is only for Village concerns like garbage pick up and road issues – things like that – it’s not to be used as her personal vendetta against people – psycho

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