JT Editorial 8-30-17 – Common Sense Wins in Mount Pleasant – Kelly G. Looses Again

HaHa! Kelly G. is not having a Good Week!

Maybe John can help her?

From JT Editorial:

With last week’s commonsense vote, Ron’s Custom Cabinets will continue to operate as it has for nearly a half-century. The village might want to consider ordering something with a pigeonhole for petty and vindictive complaints. It could probably get a good price.

Racine Democrat Kelly “Root River Siren” Gallaher has apparently moved on from her hate blog to destroying people’s livelihood.

Root River Kelly hears the siren song of hypocrisy whenever her jaws unhinge.

Kelly’s siren song is the opposite of truth.

Is Kelly a Looser?

Let’s Make a Better Mount Pleasant!


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