Kelly G. (Dimwit) the Fantasizer

So Kelly G continues her fantasizing about the Village President! She is in a continuous Rant worrying about what the Village President is doing. Just like some Jr.high school wannabe Cheerleader.

It is all she talks about on her Facebook page Make a Better Mt. Pleasant. There are a lot of us that want to make Mt. Pleasant better and if Kelly G would quit her fantasizing the Village would be better. Or of course she could just run off with John (DimNuts) it would be better too?

Let’s See as Kelly G Rants about:
1. No Administrator – It was the GoofBalls Garski and Feest that worked to get rid of the last Village Administrator without having a plan for a replacement. Did you forget that Kelly, Feest, Hansen, Otwaska?
2. No HR Director – The Village never had one!
3. Finance Director Leaving – Maybe she wants to be closer to her family and friends where she came from? Maybe she is tired working for a Board that has an element of negativity and do what a Community Activist tells them to do? Maybe she wasn’t qualified for the position when Garski, Feest, Hansen, and Otwaska hired her?
4. No Administrator Again – Kelly blame that on the side of the Board that listens to you.
The Village President has brought numerous well qualified candidates forward to be appointed by the Board, but Feest, Hansen, and Otwaska all vote against the candidates as you tell them. It has been stated that the Village Board President could nominate the Good Lord’s Son and the Vote would be the same as it has been for all the others 3 to 3.

Until the Village gets a 7th Board member the Village probably won’t have an Administrator or Finance Director. Not Hard to Understand Unless you are a Flaming Liberal, which may be the case!

So How Can You Kelly Continue to Blame the Village President?

Oh, is the meeting tomorrow night on Knollwood Drive canceled? We haven’t heard anymore about it?

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