Kelly G Looses Again – A Censure? Ha-Ha!

Kelly struck out again. Feest didn’t do what she told him to do. She wanted Feest to request the Village President to resign, but that didn’t happen.

Then Hansen really let her down when the President asked him if he wanted to speak he choked and had to hand off to the Goofy Feest. Instead of asking for a resignation he requested a Censure. Maybe John won’t get any Satisfaction now?

Wow? That’s it? It’s a Joke! A Censure means absolutely nothing! The Village President still has to pay the same price for a cup of coffee and Pancakes as another member of the Board.

The Village President still has the same birthday and probably won’t be on Kelly’s Christmas list. So what Feest and Hansen won’t be either because they didn’t do as they were told.

All that happened at the Board meeting was the Village President offered a sincere apology and then the three Stooges Feest, Hansen, and Otwaska voted for Censure! So they look like the Losers along with Kelly. Can’t wait till April it will be fun watching them go out on their cans!

Let’s Make a Better Mt. Pleasant!

3 thoughts on “Kelly G Looses Again – A Censure? Ha-Ha!”

  1. Cans Cans Cans – wait maybe green tee shirts with Cans on them will do the trick we can be like Hwy V, another one of Kelly’s brilliant ideas. Has she ever thought of getting a real job? Her fantasy Hubby should kick her out on her Can hahaha. Dan kicks Kelly out on Can – Tan her Can – kick the Can – do the CanCan –

  2. I wonder what John thought with Garski lurking out in the hallway. Anyone think John was jealous?

    What the heck was Garski doing there anyway? Reminds me of Hillary! I wonder if he’s going to write a book “What Happened” too?

    Everyone knows what happened to Garski the Voters through him out on his Can! That’s what happens to people like him.

    The Voters get to the point where they have had enough and then through them out on their Cans.

    Feest, Hansen, and Otwaska are the next ones to get tossed out on their Cans come April! Can’t Wait!

  3. Hahaha out on their cans – are cans abusive??? I forgot only Kelly can abuse people. Feest is all about procedure that is probably the most ridiculous thing I have heard. Doesn’t state statues say that Villages need 7 board members? I don’t think it says but only if they vote like one board member wants. Secondly, this concept goes against procedure. When you are still using an abacus to add you need to be removed. Did anyone see the snake in the grass Garski sulking in the lobby??? He felt better when his girlfriend Kelly came out to give him instructions. Do you think Kelly was voted the least likely to succeed in high school? Well she won!

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