Kelly G Meltdown Continues

So again Kelly G has a meltdown on her FaceBook page. The Facebook page that the only people that read it are Hwy V vigilantes and a few outsiders that like to watch Kelly have a meltdown!

So enjoyable! Now she is ranting about the eggs and attorney fees. Lol!

Well Kelly you want to talk about attorney fees? What do you think the attorney fees the Village paid to get the high price law firm from Milwaukee to work on the Hwy V special assessment document that still has not been approved?

In the end the new document probably isn’t going to be any different from the original special assessment policy.

Or who hired the high priced attorney from Milwaukee to attend the Personnel Committee meetings? The attorney’s in both situations were approved by the Garski, Feest, Hansen and Otwaska coalition. You can throw in the Finance Director with that group since she was/is friends with one of the attorneys involved.

It seems like the Finance Director knows the attorney from her previous job. Not sure but maybe he represented someone from that municipality because they missed a lot of work?

What about all the attorney fees that have been wasted on your Community Organizing skills submitting fruitless open record requests? All of the complaints you have filed with the DA, state organizations, and whoever else have gone nowhere! You want to know why?

Because they are baseless claims filed by a Big Troublemaker! When the DA opens an email or letter from you watching that would be priceless. Oh, here’s another complaint from the Wacko!

Maybe it’s because you and your little group of followers need to get a life. Do you believe it was the Russians that threw the eggs? Maybe you believe Garski lost the election because of the Russians?

Let’s Make a Better Mount Pleasant!

6 thoughts on “Kelly G Meltdown Continues”

  1. It’s taken KG only hours to post more lies. Fact – the board only approved the job descriptions and posted them nothing more- go back and look at the minutes of Jan 23 – even the description on the agenda says what they are approving – OMG DUH are you truly that stupid?! The “process” was completed! The current personnel committee had every right to re-look at the descriptions. Kelly do yourself a big favor and just stop lying – wolf wolf wolf

  2. Hey Kelly how eggs-actly can you cry any type of political foul when you and your flock – stalk and take pictures of other trustees having breakfast?? I dare you to prove Garski lost the election any other way other than him being dumber than a box of rocks (I apologize to all rocks) He speaks like he has a third grade education(I apologize to all the smarter than Garski 3rd graders). Your attitude needs to change – you are a bitter woman

  3. Kelly it’s okay why don’t you just give this whole issue up because you are making yourself and the rest of us look very foolish!

  4. Here we go again! What is wrong with her? Kelly hypocrite Gallaher – everything she claims others do – she does 10 fold, but it’s always okay according to her- look in the minor witch! Her followers are as dumb as she is – NEWS FLASH – she writes stories – she doesn’t write true facts – wake up people what she writes is false and her days are numbered – every post of hers only damages her more!!!

  5. Kelly and I know who did the egg job! It was the Russians!

    Garski – Why aren’t I 50 points ahead you may ask? Maybe because Kelly was helping me!

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