Kelly G Meltdown

Well, Kelly G finally got her wish and the Journal Times printed an article about Mt. Pleasant and all the ridiculous complaints filed by Garski (Kelly G) and others from the Hwy V vigilantes.

The problem is the article made Garski (Kelly G) look like a sore loser. What’s the saying “Elections Have Consequences”? It probably really isn’t Garski that is concerned as much as it is Kelly G!

The reality is the inspection reports revealed that Garski had multiple code violations as a result of running a Commercial Business out of his house and garage/storage building. Maybe he should have known better since he was the Village President. The solution is really fairly simple it’s called comply with the rules and codes.

We should all feel sorry for his neighbors. Having to live next door to someone who has junk semi-trucks and/or parts outside or in the driveway on trailers. I wouldn’t want to look at that.

Together Let’s Make A Better Mt. Pleasant


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