Kelly G – Two Time Loser This Month

It seems like Kelly G is having a bad month. Let’s see didn’t she support Former Mount Pleasant trustee candidate Charles Haakma last spring when he was running for a Board position? Jerry Garski did!

Opinion: From Mt. Pleasant Village President Jerry Garski

An Opinion Letter to the From the Racine County Eye March 12, 2017 from the now famous Jerry Garski who had this to say about candidate Charles Haakma:

“I ask you to cast your vote for Chuck Haakma, Dale Steger and John Martini for trustees. We cannot afford to go backwards and we must work together to move Mt. Pleasant forward”

So Garski and Kelly G.both were supporting Haakma for Village Board, and now Kelly G wants to stop a seventh Board member from being appointed.

Former Mount Pleasant trustee candidate Charles Haakma, who has past run-ins with police, was arrested last week after allegedly punching a Mount Pleasant officer in the face during a road-rage dispute.

Then this week Kelly G who caused all the problems for Ron’s Cabinets looses again because Ron’s Cabinets never did anything wrong!

Kenny Otwaska should really reconsider listening to Kelly G. as obviously she’s a Looser!

Let’s Make a Better Mount Pleasant!


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