Kelly & Johnny – Wow!

So Kelly comes to the Village Board meeting tonight and her first duty is to handout written talking points to a couple of her followers. Of course one of them is Mike Devine. When he reads his statement during public comments you could tell it was the first time he had seen the message.

The other guy she gave talking points to when he spoke kept talking about higher taxes being a problem because of whatever? The Board President ruled him out of order multiple times and finally had to get the PD involved.

Then Kelly herself signs up to speak during public comments and the President was waiting for her. It seems like she disappeared from the Board meetings since the last time she spoke and went out of the meeting hall swearing. The problem was her swearing words were heard by multiple people. So the President proceeded to inform her that her behavior of swearing at Board meetings was not acceptable and she won’t be allowed to speak tonight or in the future until she apologizes.

That set the fuse off on the Nut Case John Hansen! He looked like he was going to attack the Village President.

The Guy is a Loose Cannon, a Real HotHead. No wonder the Sheriff’s Department wouldn’t let him go on the road in a squad car and kept him in the jail. He wouldn’t make a pimple on a Real Police Officer’s rear-end!

So Hansen Pops a Cork because he doesn’t like what the Board President is telling Kelly about not being allowed to speak! There must be something going on with Hansen and Kelly that we don’t know about and maybe their spouses don’t know about either. If it was his wife that the Board President wouldn’t let speak maybe Hansen would be a little upset, but he was ready to flip out just for Kelly. Something strange going on there?

Then the always entertaining “Never Know When to Shut Up” Trustee Feest proceeds to tell the audience they should all have a fresh set of batteries for their tape recorders like he does. Doe he use his tape recorder in closed session meetings too?

Then to add to the evening entertainment Otwaska attempting to get back on Kelly’s good side proceeds to tell the audience this is the worst he’s ever seen at a meeting. He must have forgotten about the two times he told the audience the nominee for the vacant Board position was an excellent persona and would make a great Board member, and then doesn’t vote in favor of appointing the nominee that he just spoke highly of to the Board. Kenny not sure if that was good enough to get you back on Kelly’s good side, but it certainly made you sound as bad as she does.

Let’s make a Better Mount Pleasant!




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  1. First off, its you that can’t read. Nowhere in my comment did I say you (oh, I mean Degroot) made the ordinance banning someone running for office be allowed to speak. This whole thing could have been handled differently. You, (oh, I did it again, but you’re not fooling me, even with those clever names), could have handled this in private, but where’s the power in that. As for my intellect, it’s not me who is running a blog that sounds like it’s written by a couple of 12 years olds, bickering at another classmate that they dislike. Intellect? Yeah, good one.

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