Kelly Kicks Kenny out of the Club

Well that didn’t take long for Kelly G. to get her shorts in a tangle!

At the Village Board Meeting on Monday night Kenny Otwaska voted in favor of hiring the Project Manager for the Village. He must not have voted like Kelly and Feest told him to vote. Now Kelly is throwing Kenny under the bus!

That’s what liberals do eat their own!

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Maybe Kelly was boycotting Ryan and missed the Board meeting?

Feest and Hansen weren’t happy with Kenny either. Two Grumpy Old Men!

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3 thoughts on “Kelly Kicks Kenny out of the Club”

  1. Dunno if Kenny finally woke up, or if he was a blind squirrel finding a nut. We’ll see. I won’t hold my breath waiting.

  2. Day in the life of fantasy Kelly- sleep in my photo shopped sheets with Garski picture on them, grab my arsenal of laptops – drink coffee from my “street lawyer” cup – put on my “I’m a “B” sweatshirt – call Hansen, Feest and Al N and tell them what they are doing that day because now she is mad at Kenny – ignores anything positive and proceeds to dig up useless BS for 9 hours while ignoring her homelife – eats tacos- then proceeds to research more usless info -she then feeds her ego from her circle of psycho friends who for whatever reason follow her – Jim Jones comes to mind – then she probably pushes down little old ladies and throws eggs – have a nice day

  3. It is amazing how much Kelly looks like Pelosi!
    Two Morons in a Pea Pod.
    Hey maybe Kenny can think on his own? Time will tell?

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