Kelly The Hypocrite

Well well, Look what we found a little article from the Root River Siren (Kelly G) dating back to October 2014.

Why would she say DeGroot is Racist? Typical Liberal Dingbat!

Accuse the Right of what you are Guilty of Doing? Looks Like Kelly G. has some Racism in her Background as you can see from the title of this posting from the Root River Siren.

“I Haz Fixt Wisconsun”

Read the last sentence of the posting and you will see her History of Dropping the F-Bomb! Just like at the Village Board Meeting!

Village President was correct in ruling her out of order! Go check out the Root River Siren and you will see she has a history of just causing problems. Looks like she hates just about everything and anyone that isn’t a Liberal.

Alfonso you better watch out as Kelly is Just Using You! Because that is what Community Organizers Do!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

13 Days: I Haz Fixt Wisconsun

Thanks to Mark Pocan for reminding us of all the opportunities Scott Walker has squandered – most recently missing a deadline to apply for a Federal Preschool Development Expansion grant.

Wisconsin was invited to apply (with the possibility of receiving up to $60 million) along with 34 other states for preschool expansion. Walker blew it off.

Wisconsin is rated the worst state in the nation in the achievement gap of African American children – and Scott Walker didn’t think it was worth his time to apply to expand one of the most effective ways to close that gap. He was too busy campaigning.

Toss it on the heap with all the other federal programs Walker took a pass on over the last four years:

Medicaid Expansion – $500 million+
Broadband Expansion – $23 million
High Speed Rail – $810 million
Food Stamp Increase – $276 million

That’s a fucking lot of our money that ultimately went to other states instead of our own.

Let’s Make a Better Mount Pleasant!


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