Kelly The Witch Missing in Action

So Kelly G after causing all the problems for Ron’s Cabinets for the last 6-7 months doesn’t show up for the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting tonight. The place was packed for residents that supported Ron and his wife.

Well the Zoning Board of Appeals voted in favor of Ron’s Cabinet and agreed that he should be allowed to stay in business at the location he has been at for 46 years, before the Town of Mt. Pleasant adopted a zoning ordinance that didn’t apply to his business.

Where was Kelly? Not at the meeting? Maybe at home face-timing Ron Meyer. She didn’t have the nerve to show up to the meeting.

No what does she do? She submits an email with a message from the Ex – Village of Mt. Pleasant Community Development Director the evil Ron Meyer. Anyone that built or opened a business in Mt. Pleasant during his days absolutely hates him. A Real Moron that treated the Business Community like they were the enemy.

Fortunately the Zoning Board of Appeals Committee didn’t accept the email from Kelly G as testimony because she wasn’t at the meeting to be sworn in. And the Committee made a decision based on facts not emotion!

What a Witch! Reminds one of another Liberal Witch!

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Kelly needs to get a life! She is doing everything she can to get the Three Stooges voted off the Village Board next April! Keep up the work Witch we appreciate it!

Let’s Make a Better Mount Pleasant!

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  1. Nice selfie Kelly. The reason why she didn’t show up is because she would have to speak under oath the truth – the truth to her is like a bucket of water “i’m melting..,,,,” she would rather just post lies and fabricated stories. She then has the balls to post on it. She thinks she has all of these followers -she doesn’t! Let’s count all of her loses this year- starting with the biggest Hillary- then Garski – loser of the week, month, year just lost again – her credibility is in the HWY V sewer. Give it up lonesome loser

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