KG’s Facebook Page – Comment from Don Schultz

KG’s Facebook Page Comment from Don Schultz:

Donald Schulz: Transparent government is what would be accomplished if they do this ! It’s the right thing to do, no secrets, thank you Republican leaders let it sink or swim on its merits!!!

Oh Don, do you mean just like the Democrats did with Obamacare? It’s not odd that Liberals like you forget to remember the past!

I get it maybe Don Schultz didn’t write this comment on KG’s Facebook page. Maybe KG wrote it herself.

KG does have a history of writing on Blogs and Facebook pages using other people’s identities!

I know from Experience.

Cindy Sherman

2 thoughts on “KG’s Facebook Page – Comment from Don Schultz”

  1. I don’t understand how it is that she rips apart 3 Trustees and sings the praises of three Trustees, now she is apparently going to go to all meetings saying that people are being mean to her three Trustees. Aren’t Trustees public figures? Can’t grown men fight their own battles? If her three favorites were actually concerned with the Village as a whole they would stop obstructing and do the job they were elected to do – name one thing that her three have done to move the Village forward – you won’t find anything they are all about vengeance – that is their slogan

  2. Cindy . Everyone knows that KG probably did the Facebook Election Campaign pages for Garski, Feest, Hansen, and Otwaska. She has a history of using names other then her own to make posts on blogs and Facebook pages.

    Does anyone believe that Garski, Feest, Hansen, and Otwaska did their own Facebook page? Of course not and what’s the common denominator you ask?


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