Maybe KG Has Forgotten About Her History on the Web – Let’s Help Her Remember!

#1 – You assume that Kelly Gallaher, who blogs “anonymously” as Root River Siren because she lacks the courage to sign her own name to the vile crap she spews, has an interest in the truth. She does not. She is an Alinskyite propagandist in the tradition of Goebbels.

She has written lies about me, and falsely attributed to me the statements of others. When I pointed that out in a comment on her blog, the comment was deleted, and I was blocked from further commenting.

Her blog is full of ad hominem attacks, crude language, and one-sided portrayals of issues with no dissent allowed. No wonder she’s ashamed to attach her name to it.

#2 – I’ve banned lots of liberals, all for lacking the ability to be civil and a couple for just complete lies…. This chick goes to the Democratic Underground stance of no dissent allowed. Funny isn’t it how she is the local head of Obama’s citizen group. Just like her hero, no transparency.

#3 – I don’t attribute things incorrectly like she does… Nor do I usually waste time on local pundits. She doesn’t even have the courage to sign her own name.

#4 – Thank you for calling out this vile woman. Why more people do not criticize Kelly Gallagher, I do not know.

Not Your Friend and Not in Tennessee!

Cindy Sherman

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