More Potty Mouth Community Activist Kelly G.

Here is some more of Kelly G’s rants from the Root Rover Siren!

More Examples of Kelly G Dropping the “F BOMB”

Root River Siren

October 1, 2014 ·

Shorter title: Gah! Fuckers!

Root River Siren : Americans For Prosperity Send Out Pro-Walker Flier On Non-Existent Mining…

Maybe Wacko John needs to Try to Calm her Down?

Send an email to the RIC to get her removed from the Board of Directors:

Let them know what a low life she is and how she has a habit of dropping the “F Bombs” wherever she goes. All they have to do is go look at the history of her BS Rants on the “Root River Siren”

Why would an organization with their community goals want someone like her on the Board of Directors? She should resign from the RIC Board of Directors immediately.



3 thoughts on “More Potty Mouth Community Activist Kelly G.”

  1. Hey Nutjob Kelly “Lies Again”. The Village President isn’t a racist.

    Alfonso is just being used by Kelly G to make it sound like the Village Board meeting was about something other than what it was.

    That’s what Liberal Community Activists do. Cause problems and use other people to stand in for the problem that is non-existent.

    Kelly Why don’t you and John take a Trip somewhere?

  2. You are correct she says someone called Gale I an A-Hole on her Facebook? Well anyone that met Gale and talked to to him for about 30 seconds would come to the same conclusion. I don’t think that’s breaking any laws. Just what happens when you talk to Gale

  3. Well said! She thinks that her posts aren’t available – wrong- keep posting Kelly your current ABetterMTPleasant is a treasure trove of slander and defamation ripe for the taking – you think what you post is free speech – wrong- loser again. She gets poor sap Gale Ives to submit a petty vindictive claim – guess what? RR and GI are A holes all you did was submit facts – good job Kelly now your learning. What are you and John doing today?

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