Mt. Pleasant Board Appointment Stalemate

As theĀ  Journal Times stated in their editorial on May 8th “Winning the Mad Hatter Award” for crazed logic is the Village of Mt.Pleasant Board or more specifically three of the Board members.

Three Board members Feest, Hansen and Otwaska all voted against appointing the nominee John Kis because he may have conflicts of interest with his duties as a highly respected banker.

So what happens at the May 22nd Village Board Meeting? Then they not only vote against him once, but they vote against him a second time on May 22nd.

Then Hansen makes a motion to appoint Dale Steger to the vacant Board position and that fails.

It seems like Hansen failed to mention that Dale Steger has a conflict of interest as he lives on Highway V and has been part of the vocal group that has been disrupting Village Board meetings for the last two years.

Why did Hansen fail to mention that little bit of information? Why didn’t Feest or Otwaska mention the conflict of interest?

They (Feest, Hansen & Otwaska) even suggested that Martini that ran for the Board Trustee against Dave DeGroot would be a good candidate to fill the vacant position because he campaigned for the position. Again they failed to mention that Martini lives on Highway V and has a conflict of interest.

No mention by Feest, Hansen or Otwaska of any potential conflict of interest by either Steger or Martini. Why? Did Kelly Gallaher (Community Organizer/Activist) tell them to not mention that little tidbit?

Again, Trustee Feest stated that he personally liked the idea of the Village Board being at a stalemate unless four members, potentially six could see eye to eye.

That statement certainly may illustrates a lack of vision and leadership by Trustee Feest. It may be surprising that he even made that statement as he usually doesn’t have enough information to move anything issue forward that isn’t his idea.

Do these three Village Board members (Feest, Hansen & Otwaska) care about the Village or not?

Together Let’s Make A Better Mt. Pleasant

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