Please Donate for a One Way Fantasy Trip for Kelly G

So if you think it would be a great idea to do Kelly and the Residents of the Village of Mt. Pleasant a Favor, please Donate to send Kelly G on a One Way Trip to her Fantasy Land.

Please donate to get rid of her at

If enough money is collected who knows maybe she will take John with her?

Talk about a Fantasy all she dwells on is the Village President. Kelly G’s Fantasy Land has No Trump, No Walker, No Delagrave, No Vos, No Wanggaard, and No DeGroot.

Not sure about you, but my Fantasy Land has no Kelly G!

3 thoughts on “Please Donate for a One Way Fantasy Trip for Kelly G”

  1. Kelly is obsessed with DeGroot for sure – it’s all she ever posts on. Hey Kelly post about how utterly incompetent Gary and Jon are- I am at a loss as to how Feest can’t make simple decisions – he drones on and on thinking the more words he uses the smarter he looks but it has the opposite affect he looks like a complete idiot and Jon is no better – that man is going to go postal probably the meanest person on the board so far! Oh and in case you are all following – they are all BBFs of Garski and Kelly, not to mention their BFF Haakma. Hey did Feest go to the Foxconn event???? He hasn’t been to any Village events but he is involved BS!!!! Throw his big A@@ out in April!!!

  2. Maybe Kelly G can take all these idiots from her Facebook page with her?

    James Townsend Crap

    Dan Boatright maybe time to move north or texas

    Henry Hansen Traffic is gonna be a nightmare

    Jim Lehman STILL NO GUARANTEE they will build…

    Wayne Clingman Wow sure thought it be Caledonia TID 4 area

    Dennis Montey Has all the property been purchase?

    Steve Schoone Woo Hoo! Best news to hit these parts in decades!

    Dawn Falk So what’s going to happen to “study natural law”?

    Tammy Malik Omg that’s huge! All those people are going to lose their homes and farms

    Kim Mahoney They have only been in contact with vacant land owners. So I assume they are going to try to strong-arm homeowners. Threatening with eminent domain already even though they don’t have a right to use it since they intend to convey the property to Foxconn.

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