Public Figure Kelly G

So Kelly spends all her time on her Facebook page just slamming Village Officials. Posting photos of current and past Village Board Trustees. Making weird statements about Sonny Loves Pancakes and other derogatory statements about eggs at a house, but all that is okay in her warped Liberal mind.

When someone returns the favors to her and her followers than it is Harassment! Really What a Joke!

Kelly you made yourself a Public Figure so you get to reap what you sowed. Enjoy the Payback! The CIA contacted us but we showed them your Facebook page and they understood the issue! GoDaddy said we are good to go! No problems with them either.

Maybe this website is based in Moscow? Since no laws are being broken and you are a Public Figure Enjoy!

We will tell Putin you and Hillary said Hello! HaHa!

3 thoughts on “Public Figure Kelly G”

  1. Honestly! Have you seen the pictures from her claim to fame blog “Root River Siren”? Guns pointed at officials heads, severed heads, lewd outfits and gestures on officials – did you tell the FBI and CIA about this??? How about the Sheriff??? Why does Trustee Hansen stalk people eating pancakes, why does he take pictures from cars- who is stalking who?

  2. Kelly just to show what a Public Figure you are all one needs to do is to look at the Dump DeGroot sign in your front yard! The same sign the nutcase Garski has in his yard!
    Didn’t the Voters throw him out of office last April? Can hardly wait for the Voters to throw the other three out of office next April. It will be like Christmas in April.

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