Schultz and Devine (Laurel & Hardy)

What a pair these two characters make. Every Board meeting they have to make a public comment. They don’t even realize that just about everyone in the Hall thinks they are two Morons.

All they do is complain. Schultz was on the Board a couple times until people heard him speak and then threw him off the Board again. They should do the Village residents a favor and move to a Township somewhere because they certainly think Mt. Pleasant is still a Town.

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2 thoughts on “Schultz and Devine (Laurel & Hardy)”

  1. Schulz and Devine have always talked nonsense when left to think on their own. Hearing them speak scripted nonsense from Kelly is just that much more painful. Feest should spare himself the agony and turn off his recorder when they talk, so he doesn’t have to listen to them as he replays the meeting over his dinner time.

  2. Exactly, they are still hitching up their horse … errr Garski’s horse and waiting for the “town” meeting, they can’t move past the past. In fact Schulz, Devine, Gallaher,Feest, Ives are all apart of the good’ol old time group. They pretend to know the rules of government and they try to read statutes to fit their agenda when they actually don’t really understand what it says to begin with. Street Lawyers make for horrible Trustees and advisors – just look at Kelly and Feest. My advice would be for all of them to get out of here and go to other municipalities and they will see how crazy and petty they look every week and every day – in Kelly’s case. Here ye here ye- come one come all and see the freak show tomorrow at 6:30 – watch the snake lady in action

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