Stalemate on the New Hires

So why the stalemate on hiring a new Administrator and HR Director? Maybe it has something to do with the changes the previous Board majority (Garski, Feest, Hansen, Otwaska) made to the job descriptions of the Village Administrator, HR Director and Finance Director. Since they controlled the Board with four votes common sense certainly didn’t prevail.

What they did was basically neutered the Village Administrator position by changing the fact that the HR Director and Finance Director would no longer report to the Village Administrator.

They changed the job descriptions to have those two positions report directly to the Board! Finding a new Administrator to walk into the hornets nest would be difficult enough, but add the fact the HR Director and Finance Director wouldn’t report to the Administrator would probably be considered insane.

Now one may ask why would they do that? Well, maybe it has something to do with the fact that after the last Village Administrator left the current Finance Director was hired. So in effect she never really reported to the Administrator and instead she was feeding the four stooges information and helping create havoc in the Village.

Maybe she actually believed she could be the new Administrator and was sucking up to the four stooges? If someone took a close look they may discover that the Finance Director is in over her head. Who knows after the election she was going to leave because she knew that some Board members had her number and knew the problems she has caused. Now since the Board is still at a 3-3 tie vote she has withdrawn her resignation/retirement!

That is one of the reasons the Board needs to have the vacant Trustee position filled.

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2 thoughts on “Stalemate on the New Hires”

  1. Well thank you Kelly for posting on behalf of the absent minded professor. You and Schulz are delusional once again. The board is fully aware of Village finances – they set the budget. If the board has questions they should go to the Administrator and have a conversation- Feest Hansen Otwaska Garski and Schulz all refuse to act professional and communicate with the Administrator – stop playing the victim – pull your head out of reality TV – you continue to hurt the Village by speaking your lies

  2. Feest, Hansen and Garski never worked with the previous administration. Professional people communicate with those in charge – this explains everything. The are unprofessional and have no idea how to work in a business setting. They operate more like they are on a reality TV show – just look who is their puppet master – Kelly Gallaher. If a Finance Director reports to the board – who watches her daily activities? It would seem that that would open the door to an accounting nightmare. You have to have one person in the lead – NOT 3 people trying to be in charge. Hansen and Feest operate on vengeance – never for the good of the Village. Listen to a board meeting and listen how condescending and disrespectful Hansen is to everyone – you want him in charge of picking an adminnistrator? Wake up people

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