Still Creating Issues Where Issues Don’t Exist

There are some excellent candidates running in the Spring election!

It’s time to Get Rid of the Highway V Special Interest Group members!

Wait until the residents figure out they may have to pay for the improvements on Hwy V because the Board decisions have been protected by the Special Interest Gang! That’s why they didn’t want the Seventh Board member!

The Lies People (Like KG) will go to to Try and Gain Power!

Let’s Make a Better Mt. Pleasant!

Make the Spring Election Count for Everyone and not just Hwy V or the Community Activist!

1 thought on “Still Creating Issues Where Issues Don’t Exist”

  1. I see KG is still spreading lies with her FB page still. Word on the street is that she has zero credibility or respect because of what she posts -let’s sit back and watch what BS she is going to make up regarding the up coming election – KO is out because of health reasons – his own words yet she says he is leaving because of treatment by this site and or the board – honestly KG your pathetic

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