The Tide Has Turned

Oh no, Guess what the Tide has Turned. It seems like KG’s Facebook page has posted some negative postings about Ken Otwaska, because he voted for the 2018 budget.

Ansley NobleIf Trustee Otwaska folds on the residents for a $19 MILLION dollar budget, what will happen with a $10 BILLION dollar FoxConn project. My guess is a fold on using Eminent Domain on the residents.
Ansley Noble2018 Village budget spending increased by $2.5 million with shell game accounting. The Village transfered $1.7 MILLION from the Villages fund balance and the Village wages increased by $550 thousand, looks like the Village will start the 2019 budget process with $2.2 million in the hole. Then add $2.5 million more spending for infrastructure and equipment looks like $4.7 million dollars will get paid by the businesses and residents. Looks like low income, fixed income, and families will need to cut there personal expenses to pay for even bigger local government.
How many of you believe that Ansley Noble is Really Kelly G?
Cindy Sherman – Not Your Friend and Not in Tennessee

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