Three Stooges or Three Rocks

So last night the three Board members (Feest, Hansen & Otwaska) voted against another person nominated by the Village President to fill the vacant Trustee position on the Village Board. A Village Board that by state law is comprised of seven members.

Trustee Otwaska thinks the Board members should conduct interviews because he wants to know the position of any potential candidate to fill the vacant position. Too bad some citizens didn’t interview him before he was elected. They must have buyers remorse!

Maybe one of the questions could have been will you vote to fill any vacant Board positions in the future so as to not hold up Village business. Kenny What Day Is It?

Feest has a knack for talking for long periods of time and not saying anything that resembles someone who cares about the Village. Hopefully before the April election citizens will check his voting record. Even with a full seven members on the Board he voted against just about everything.

His famous line is he doesn’t have enough information. Well, guess what he will never have enough information to make an intelligent decision for the Village. He would rather just stir the pot! Feest and Kelly two peas in a Pot!

Hansen just is about the most negative person that has ever been on the Village Board. The only reason he ran for the Board was because he lives on Hwy V and is only concerned about Hwy V.

April 2018 can’t come soon enough to get rid of these three troublemakers!

Let’s Make a Better Mount Pleasant!

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