Village Board Stalemate

So how long will the Village Board stalemate last? How long can a 3-3 vote on major issues be allowed to continue before it affects the Village operations?

The process to develop the 2018 budget will begin soon. At some point in the time, the Village Board will need to approve the 2018 budget? What happens if the current Board with a 3-3 vote doesn’t approve the 2018 budget?

It is time to fill the vacant Village Board Trustee position. Please contact the Village Board members and let them know that it is time to fill the vacant position.

Please don’t let the Highway V crowd and Kelly G control the Village of Mt. Pleasant!

They are just a small group of discontents intent on not letting the Village of Mt. Pleasant be an excellent community to live and work in. They only care about creating problems and not having to pay for sewer and water for their properties.

To make matters worse they are led by a Community Organizer and three not so smart Board members.

Let’s Make A Better Mount Pleasant!

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