What A Pair! Neither Playing with a Full Deck!

Kelly – Hey John what did you do this Labor Day Weekend?

John – I had to work on the honey do list, but I missed you!

John – Hey Kelly what did you do this Labor Day Weekend?

Kelly – I went to the Labor Day Community Activists get together, but I missed you too!

Mount Pleasant Resident Kelly Gallaher Deeply Committed to Community


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Send an email to the RIC to get Kelly removed from the Board of Directors:

1 thought on “What A Pair! Neither Playing with a Full Deck!”

  1. Hey thanks for the new post!!! I wonder if you asked Hansen if he was paid over $20,000 for an option on his Hwy V property on a development that never happened and then claimed he didn’t have a conflict of interest with the backing of Kelly – what would he say??? That’s right you would ride the deceit train – all aboard – hahahaha ….I I I I I. This is no different with Kelly, she should reconsider her denial of the F bomb when so many people saw it and yet she publicly denies it, it makes her look even worse and she is not credible- oh and did you know she has even more colorful words she uses????

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