What is Wrong With Hansen?

Hansen was a real treat tonight at the Board meeting!

Pacing the Village Hall waiting for Feest and Kelly G to show up so he would know what to say. Kelly wasn’t there so he had to just go with the scrip that Feest gave him.

Then Hansen has to act like he was something other than a jail guard ( and Not a very Good One) and ask stupid questions about Flow Charts? Here’s your Flow Chart Dipstick!

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Feest continues with his talking a lot and saying nothing. If he every listened to himself he would be probably be thinking the same as everyone else in the hall. What the Hell is he talking About?

Both are an embarrassment to the Village!

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1 thought on “What is Wrong With Hansen?”

  1. Dude demands flow charts and 5 year plans. For what? So he can shoot down the plan at budget time, or worse yet, budgeting for stuff and not wanting to spend the money when the vote happens. Hippocrate and liar of the worst order.

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