What’s the Issue? Connect the Dots!

So why are the three Village Board members holding out on the approval of appointing someone nominated by the Village President to fill the vacant Trustee position?

Well, there are a number of connections and/or issues in play. The three are not in favor of voting approval to fill the vacant position unless they can be guaranteed how the new Trustee will vote on the Hwy V Assessments for sewer in water. Board Trustee Ken Otwaska stated the obvious when he said something like I really don’t know where Mr. Kis stands on issues.

Wow? What a statement, but it means he wouldn’t vote for anyone not in favor of the positions of the three Board members that are holding out. Trustee Otwaska didn’t have a problem when Trustee Hansen nominated someone for the position that lives on Hwy V (Dale Steger).

Look at who is on the Village Board opposed to the filling the position and who the other community members are that continue to attend the Village Board meetings and disrupt any idea of making a better Village of Mt. Pleasant.

The group is only concerned with having water and sewer improvements for their properties on Hwy V, but not paying for the improvements which will increase their property values. They want the costs to be paid for by all the property taxpayers in the Village. They gain, but everyone else pays for their gain!

So let’s see who they are:

John Hansen – Village Board Member – Lives at 624 Hwy V.

Don Schultz – Ex-Village Board Member – Lives at 811 Hwy V – Attends most meetings and usually has comments at beginning of meeting

Dale Steger (Nominated by Jon Hansen to fill the vacant Trustee position) Lives at 447 Hwy V

Gale Ives – Lives at 300 Hwy V – Attends most meetings and usually has comments at beginning of meeting

John Martini – Lives at 1837 Hwy V – Attends most meetings and usually has comments at beginning of meeting

The common thread is they all live on Hwy V, all act like Mt. Pleasant is still a Township, and they want to have all Mt. Pleasant Taxpayers to pay for the Hwy V sewer and water project which will result increased property values for them once they connect to systems.

They are fearful that a new Trustee to fill the vacant position may not be in favor of their position on the Hwy V project and who should pay for the project in the end.

The citizens of Mt. Pleasant can help by attending the Village Board meeting and showing support to end the stalemate by encouraging them to vote to support the nomination of the Village President. The next meeting is on Monday May 22, 2017 at 6:30 pm.

Together Let’s Make A Better Mt. Pleasant

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